Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...............

So everyone seems to have bitten the bullet and put their Christmas tree's up already. Even though it's only the 1st few days into advent we've joined the crowd too! Why so early you ask? No reason other than we won't get it done until mid December otherwise, and the monkeys were keen to help us decorate. With little monkey being ill and needing cheering up, we relented.
Here's some photo's of our decorations and some of my own personal favourites on the Christmas tree. This post is photo heavy!

Ever since our first Christmas together the Mr and I have slowly been gathering different tree decorations, starting with some handmade ones back in 2005 from New York. Each year since, we have bought a few more bits and kind of have a tradition with the monkeys now, that they each choose a new tree decoration (usually handmade) every Christmas. I love this tradition and plan to continue with it for as long as they want to do so. I've not purposely stuck to a colour scheme of red and gold, it seems to have just happened.

Have you put your tree up yet? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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