Week 51 - The end is neigh!

Week 51, WOW! Almost a whole year of taking a photo a day. Well, the week has been spend in a whirl of Christmas parties (the monkeys, not mine!), card delivering, Santa visiting and present wrapping. Both monkeys have now finished preschool and school for Christmas, the grand parents are down and we are all systems go! Here's our #365 photo's for days 348-354
Day 348. Santa arrived to see the monkeys and their friends via convertable! Only in Essex! 
Day 349. A glorious sunny day that had to be captured.
Day 350. Coffee with the kiddies and mums, this was little monkeys Christmas Tree cupcake! 
Day 351. Daddy's cappacino with festive biscuit and star. I stuck to fresh juice. 
Day 352. Someone woke at 5am and wondered why he was tired by 10.30am! I sat on the drive whilst he slept for over half an hour.
Day 353. Not a great photo but this is a family meal out last night. The monkeys were given these craft tubs to decorate a cardboard tree each! Great idea.
Day 354. Spinning class for me at 9am today. 

One more round up to go but I just wanted to say thank you for sticking with us this past year whilst we inundate you with a daily photo and weekly round up! Merry Christmas to you all.
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