A Day He'll Remember!

Saturday was highly anticipated by big monkey, for he was due to go to Colchester United to spend the day there. Maybe this is why he couldn't sleep the night before and woke us all at 3 and 4am?
His football team had arranged for a day there, so the boys could take part in a football tournament, have a tour of the stadium and meet the players for a question and answer session. Followed by watching the match between Colchester and Leyton Orient. I think it's safe to say that's why he woke. He was excited and raring to go!
I have to say I've never been there myself before and it's a pretty impressive stadium. There are 3G pitches across the other side of the carpark from the stadium, and that is where the boys played their tournament. Sadly they did not stand a chance against the other team as they were just extremely well trained, too good and quick, but the boys enjoyed themselves all the same.
Next they had lunch in one of the Stadium suites that had been hired out. Hot dogs and drinks all round, which were well received and well deserved! The boys were given a choice at this point, whether they wanted a tour or training session. Big monkey chose the training session. I'm glad we had the suite all day, as this was when I sat 'out' and let the men go back out into the bitter cold! 
Sadly after their training session, there was no time to meet the players and have a Q&A session so we headed to our seats ready to watch the match. They were just outside where the suite was, so this was ideal as it meant we could leave our belongings in there and use the facilities during half time! 
It was bitterly cold sitting there during the match but the boys didn't seen to mind! Big monkey was in his element, sat there with his mates, and they loved it when Colchester won 2-0!
A fantastic day out for big monkey with both myself and Daddy plus one of his Grandads. 
Happily little monkey had a good day with friends of ours, indoors in the warm. It was lovely to collect him at dinner time.

Sadly I'm not able to post any other photo's as they have other children in them or the players.

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