Don't Rock The Boat - Review

Ahoy there matey's!!
We've been having great fun playing a great family game called Don't Rock The Boat! from University Games. It's a game of skill. The aim is exactly as it says in the title! Rock the boat and the penguins fall.....meaning the person who rocked it is a landlubber and it's game over! 
This is what University Games have to say-
"Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrr ye ready to set sail on a rockin’ adventure with a crew of 16 pirate penguins? Take turns balancing the pirate penguins on the ship without making it tip! Be ever so careful, if you rock the boat and send the penguins overboard, ye might have to walk the plank! A fun balancing game for all buccaneers!"
What's in the box?
Boat with three masts
16 Pirate Penguins
2 piece Water Wave

Aimed for?
For 2-4players, age 5+
How to play?
Pop the masts on the boat, balance the boat on the wave, then take it in turns to balance the penguins on the boat however you can! If one or more pirate penguins fall the game is over and the winner is the person who placed the penguins on the boat before the person who's penguins rocked the boat!
What's not to like?
Nothing really! The game fits easily togther, it's dead easy to play, fits back inside the box well and is great fun!
Our verdict!
A great fun game the whole family can enjoy. Little monkey, although under 5yrs old loves playing it as much as we do and is very good at balancing the pirate penguins. It's great for fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination! 

We were sent this game for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
We're going on an adventure

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