Eek....I'm starting a nine day detox!

Weigh in day again tomorrow and I've decided to use this as the basis for the start of my detox. The Clean 9. Nine days of protein shakes, Aloe Vera Gel, food supplements and after the first 2 days a 600 calorie meal each day. 
Until now I've always avoided this sort of thing, thinking it would be too difficult to do, taste awful, I'd feel too hungry or that there must be a catch. I've heard all good things about this detox though, and now feel the time is right to give it a whirl.
As you know I've changed my eating habits somewhat and don't actually want to eat all the rubbish I was eating, so I'm thinking I can do this! 
I'll start tomorrow, only have one shift at work on day 5, and will reach day 9 the day before little monkey's Birthday. So hopefully (if I want it) I can enjoy a small piece of his birhtday cake and feel so much better than I already do.
I'll keep you all posted and hope that I do indeed complete this! 
Wish me luck!

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