I'm trying to take part in a challenge to think positive and embrace happy. The aim is to think of #3goodthings each day, which is actually easier than you might think! Not every day is good but there is often good in every day, you just have to find it. 
Often I'm very quilty of saying the monkeys have been naughty, hard work, silly, fighting and so on, and I don't think about sharing how they have laughed, played nicely together, eaten well etc etc.
So with this in mind I'm joining in with a group on social media and yesterday's task struck a cord. I was asked to create a collage of photo's with myself in, ones that mean a lot to me, I'm proud of or I just love.
I'm not one for liking photo's of me so I tend to take the photo's instead, but this means I'm hardly ever in photo's with the monkeys and this saddens me really. In truth, this is one of the reasons I'm trying to lose some weight and get fit. So that I can actually say I don't mind having my photo taken, and so that when I do (be it alone or with the family), I actually like what I see.
Here is the collage I came up with last night. Each photo chosen for a very good reason.
1. Hubby and I on our Wedding Day. I do love this photo of us.
2. Cuddling big monkey as a baby.
3. Heavily pregnant with little monkey.
4. Having a tender moment with both monkeys soon after little monkey was born.
5. Last summer having afternoon tea. One photo of me I actually do like.
6. A family shot. Included as we are all in it, but awful of me!
7. One of the most recent photo's taken of me (and another I like).
So there you have it. Photo's of moi. Maybe 2015 I'll get in front of the camera more. I'd love to be in more really, so that in later years the monkeys have photo memeories of me.

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