Happy Happy Happy!

Did I say I was happy?! Today has been good. I went to the gym to be weighed and have some checks done to record for the start of another 6 week challenge and I'm delighted to announce everything is going in the right direction!
In 6 days I've lost another 1kg (2.2lbs). My total weight loss is now 12lb. My muscle mass is up (good I'm told!). My lower and upper body fat down. My resting pulse is lower (and withing normal range) and my blood pressure normal. Lastly my peak flow is up! Im feeling fantastic and motivated to keep going. 
My favourite class at the gym is spinning, which I'm aiming to do at least twice a week, then Boxing fitness once a week and ideally a cardio session once a week. 
I will hit my target this year! 

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