More Space Needed!

It's no secret we need more space, that's even after having a conservatory built and having a loft conversion to create a third bedroom and an en-suite. With two monkeys, all their paraphernalia and everything else that comes with living in a family home we would just like more space.
I'd love more room downstairs, a bigger garden, another bedroom, a utility room, a downstairs toilet, a porch and not least a bigger fridge freezer! Ours just bursts at the seams each time it's stocked up with the food shopping delivery. Each Christmas it's crying out to be replaced!
Our current well 'loved' fridge freezer
We have been looking at fridge freezers and there are some awesome ones out there, but in reality we will more than likely just replace ours with one that is the same width and depth. Although it will be much taller and therefore have more capacity. We've done some online searching and have visited our local showroom, so know this does exsist.
Not quite as full as it can be!
Ideally (if we had more room in the kitchen), we would love one of those huge double American fridge freezers with water dispenser and ice maker. Sadly we'd need a new kitchen for that, and that's a whole new blog post! Maybe one day? I'd certainly like to think so. 
For now, we carry on juggling the fridge foods on shopping day (which is usually down to me) and look forward to fridge freezer shopping and sorting all those other dreams listed.

*In conjunction with Panasonic.*

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