My Top 2014 #365 Pics!

A round up of my favourite photo's from my last years Project 365 posts!
January. This photo sums up how I love the water and sun!
February. Another water themed one.
March. A lovely photo of my men! Happy and content.
 April. On holiday us parents looking over their young!
May. As some may have guessed I love flowers and this rose was gorgeous.
June. Saying farewell to one of the amazing butterflies we grew.
July. Summer food at it's best, this strawberry victoria sponge cake was made for Grandad's birthday.
August. This was a beautiful B&B we stayed in when having a weekend break without the monkeys for the first time ever!
September. Lovely bike ride by perfect scenery in Essex.
October. Awesome plate of goodies during a perfect afternoon tea for Nana's 70th!
November. Lest We Forget.
December. A frosty start to a December day.

Looking back over each photo from last year has been great. Just one photo a day takes me back to that day and reminds me what we did last year. Perfect! Something to cherish forever. I'm so pleased I took part and am doing so again this year! A dairy by photo's.

I'm going to be linking this post up with the linky over at TheBoyandMe!
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