New Year - New Challenge!

You may remember my recent update about my weightloss and healthy eating, well yesterday was weigh in day for this years new 6 week challenge (week 1). I've lost another 1lb. Not a lot but a loss nontheless. Just 1lb away from that elusive 1st loss! I feel like it's been a slow process but I keep being reminded that there's been 5 meals out during the last two months, Christmas and New Year! I suppose it's pretty good then. I also keep being told that the longer it takes to lose, the longer it stays off. I hope that's true.
I've been using the gym still and have also started doing Pilates, but now I've damaged my back! I'm hoping and praying it's not a full on bout of spasms as I've had two bad episodes of that and both times were horrendous! Keep your fingers crossed it's not that bad please! I missed my spinning class today and really don't want to get off the exercise bandwagon.
Today's lunch

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