OMG! A Clean 9 Detox Update.

At weigh-in this last Thursday I was 2lb down on the week before, bringing my total weighloss to date to 15lb, since November. This weigh-in saw the start of my Clean 9 detox journey, and today I had to weigh myslef again. In two days I've lost another whooping 7.7lb!!!!!
The detox lasts 9 days, with weigh-in's on days 1,3,6 and 9. Today is day 3. I really cannot belive the weight I've lost. Now a total of 22.7lbs, to say I'm chuffed is an understatement. 
The plan has been easy to follow so far and the only thing I've found challenging is taking the Aloe Vera gel. However, it is managable! No food from Weds night until this evening and from now until the end of the detox it has to be a 600 calorie meal. Plenty of water drunk and I'm feeling good. 
I'm not stupid though and I know that I need to watch what I eat when the detox finishes or it will all go back on, but I intend to do just that. I've not felt this good in a long time! 

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