#Project365 Week 3

This has been a great week on the whole but has ended with my back going into spasm which is not great! Lots of opportunities for the blog have been coming my way this week, it hasn't snowed (yet) and the monkeys have had a good week too.

Day 11
We woke to this clear sunny blue sky which always puts a smile on my face.
Day 12
The monkeys played tea parties and picnics really nicely together.
Day 13
Another gorgeous day (at the time I took the photo)! Too sunny to miss! 
Day 14
A quick stop at Costa with little monkey who entertained the staff by sitting under the table to eat his biscuit at one point.
Day 15
Look at his posture, I reckon he was comfy sitting watching his favourite TV show!
Day 16
Feeling sorry for myself, having dropped hubby off to work and the monkeys to school, I picked this up for my lunch.
Day 17
A very pretty parcel arrived for me today. Clothing to review.....happy.

We're linking up as usual with TheBoyandMe.

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