#Project365 - Days 4-10

I feel like this past week has really flown by but it's also been a great one! Both the monkeys have settled back into school and Preschool well, I've been getting to the gym, had my hair cut and have lost another 2.2lb. Work is getting busier again for Daddy. I have to say I'm feeling great.
Here's our photo's for days 4-10
Day 4. I sorted the Christmas toys and decided the unloved cuddly toys needed a new home! This toy box was sat empty!
Day 5. With the monkeys at school I got to go to a Boxing fitness class at the gym.
Day 6. My new bargain shoes arrived. They are gorgeous.
Day 7. Brunch with little monkey in town, I'm pretty sure this ginger bread man did not want his head eaten in one!
Day 8. Playing Don't Rock the Boat together before an afternoon at Preschool for little monkey.
Day 9. A healthy lunch after a Spinning class at the gym.
Day 10. Playing nicely together with the Furby Boom and App. We all love it! It's great fun.

As always we're linking up with the #365 project over at The Boy and Me. Click the logo below for more 365 posts. Have a great week everyone.
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