These Shoes Were Made For Walking.....

Towards the end of last year I was invited to London to the Clarks 2015 Spring Summer Collection launch. Now those that have known me a long time (pre monkeys) know I LOVE shoes, so I knew this was one afternoon in London I was not going to miss!
Having instructed hubby to keep his diary clear and remember to collect both monkeys from school and Preschool, I excitedly set off to London on the train.
The venue was easy to find (just a short walk from Holborn tube station) and very welcoming from the onset.
I can't tell you how much I loved browsing the spring/summer 15 collection of shoes. They were all there, baby shoes, kids shoes, mens and womens. I had a good nose at them all! It was easy to select several pairs (in my head) that I knew we would all love and I can't wait to see them in the Clarks stores. 
Here is just a small selection of those that I fell in love with.
The Clarks Originals for kids, men and women were all very colourful and set up in their own display, highlighting their 65th Anniversary. I love these desert boots and wish hubby would wear them. The monkeys would look great in them too, especially these navy ones.
The more tradional sand coloured ones would be more hubby's style. They look very comfortable! Now all I have to do is get him to agree to wearing them!
I loved all the bright prints and colours of the boys shoes. The ones below particularly caught my eye and I could see all three pairs looking great on the monkeys!
Both monkeys have worn Doodles before. They are such a verstile canvas pump, ideal for warmer weather and Preschool/play.
These hightops look like they would be suitable for a smarter but comfy look. I tend to like to put the monkeys in matching clothes and shoes from time to time and can picture both monkeys in these with chinos and matching shirts.
How fun are these hightops?! I like both styles in this photo. I'm sure the monkeys would be happy wearing either pair.
Moving onto the womens shoes now, I totally and utterly fell in love with the Orla Kiely range for Clarks. They are so me and are adorable. At £120 a pair though I best not get any!
These are my favourite Orla Kiely ones. The soles have the Orla Kiely signature pattern on them, as do the others in her range. They are just lush.
These ones would probably be more suitable whilst going about my daily business as a Mum though.
I love these too but they might just be a bit too high for me. I've never been good at walking in heels and after wearing flats for such a long time, I'm even worse than ever!
Finally I think these brogues are very sensible and I love the colours. I'm very tempted by them.
It was lovely meeting some of the Clarks PR team and catching up with a few blogging friends there too. I had the best afternoon! 

Which of the above shoes do you love?

I was gifted a discount card for Clarks as thanks for this post.

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