Week 4 Project 365

Day 18. Little monkey was constructing his Duplo whilst big monkey was at football training.
Day 19. Big monkey has been building a snowman at school!
Day 20. A very cold and frosty day, which I had to photograph.
Day 21. Very happy to have got these Gortex boots in the sale for the monkeys!
Day 22. Weigh in day and at last I've gone over the 1st weigh loss mark! 15lbs to be exact. More needs to go though.
Day 23. The monkeys 'hair' has been growing! They've been giving them haircuts! 
Day 24. A great day out for big monkey today. Tourament, lunch, and training at Colchester United before watching today's match. They won 2-0, so he was happy for the win as a first time spectator!

A Great week all in all. Linking up with TheBoyandMe as always. Just click the badge below, for more 365 posts.

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