Week 5 Project365

Day 25. A quiet day indoors after us all being out all day yesterday, so the monkeys set up camp in the bedroom to play.
Day 26. I've started doing Pilates and this venue is a very nice place to do it!
Day 27. Little monkey was awake a few times in the night and was feeling it later in the day. He said he wasn't tired but I caught him resting his head! 
Day 28. The loom bands came out this morning after not being used in a while. Big monkey made me this bless him.
Day 29. An under the weather big monkey and unusually quiet little monkey having a rest on the sofa together.
Day 30. The monkeys decided moving the dining chairs into the lounge and sitting on them was more fun than using the sofa! 
Day 31. Little monkeys 4th Birthday and here he is being a cheeky monkey! More on his birthday soon!.

It's been a great week and month on the whole. No complaints for 2015 so far. How can it be 1st Feb tomorrow already though? Time sure does fly doesn't it. Joining in with the #365 linky as usual. Just click the badge below for more linked up posts with the lovely TheBoyandMe.
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