Challenge Update!

Having posted about my results on the Clean 9 detox earlier this week I've been eating three meals again and trying to eat healthily still. I have to admit it's been hard at times not to be tempted by little chocolate treats or little monkeys birthday cake. I've found eating again is making me feel pretty full a lot of the time, even though I believe my portion sizes have been no bigger. I assume that's all to do with the 9 days of only eating one 600 calorie meal?
I weighed in today just five days after my final detox weight in as Thursday is officially weigh in day for me. I'm pleased to say that although I've not lost this week I've not gained either! 
I contiue to feel inspired by others who have done well on their weight loss journeys and am spurred on by my photo from November 2014. Onwards I keep going!

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