Chipping Away!

Another week and another weigh-in in my quest to be 3.5st lighter. I weighed myself today and am now proud and delighted to say I have lost 2st since the middle of November. 
Stupidly I did not take my meaurments until I started my detox in January but am also delighted to say I've lost a total of 17 inches since January the 22nd.
It's been a slow process and sometimes frustrating but I'm told the slower the better! I hope this is true. With the exercise as well, I'm sure I'm toning and adding muscle mass whilst reducing fat. I shall keep chipping away and feel this is a lifestyle change not just a fad.
The Fitbit and My Fitness Pal are still very much a feature in my everyday healthy eating and fitness regime. I'm loving sticking to target and seeing my progress each day!

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