Love Shopping? Love a bargain!

It's no secret I used to be a bit of a shopaholic! That is until I had kids. In my young free and single days, despite owning my own home and having bills to pay, if I had any money left over (and that's a big IF), I'd be found at Bluewater in Kent. I loved nothing more than buying shoes and bags or little food treats from M&S food hall. 
Que children and I kind of lost my shopping mojo. Especially for me. Of course the kids come 1st and rightly so. I have always loved shopping for them and buying clothes for my growing monkeys.
I'm delighted when I get good value for money and love nothing better than kitting them out in nice clothes, shoes, jackets and so on. 
Today little moneky and I went into town to spend his birthday money. With some of it he chose a new Playmobil toy. Then we went into H&M. I've tended to get only the odd item of clothing in there before but today I got a whole load of bits for him for a smidgen over £30. I'm chuffed as I love to shop in Next but would have come away with much less for the same amount of money in there.
I got little monkey a gilet, a hoodie, one pair of joggers, two short sleeved t.shirts and four long sleeved tops. I especially love the gilet and on showing it to hubby he asked if he could have one too! Now, the only thing I have to do is wait for little monkey to grow into it all. I chose 4-6yrs and although now 4, he is quite small for his age. Whoops! 
There was even Birthday money left over, so I did order him two pairs of shorts and another pair of joggers from Next after all! 
Where do you shop for children's clothes? I love to know.

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