Mild and Sunny Sunday Afternoon Fun!

After the week we've had with illness, accidents, nose bleeds and generally being stuck indoors looking at the same four walls for a few days or more I really needed to get out of the house.
One quick question to the monkeys and they too were obviously feeling couped up.
So despite being full of cold and feeling rubbish I rounded the three male species of the house up and off we went. We went to Heybridge Basin, Essex. A favourite haunt of ours and unbelievably the weather was pretty sunny and very mild. Always a bonus when hitting the water's edge.
There's a great tea shop there which I'm sure I've mentioned before, so of course we stopped for lunch first and then went for a walk and let the monkeys play. As always the food was delicious, though next time I won't sit with a cold, in a jumper eating soup right next to a radiator! 
There's a park down the coastal path, which the monkeys love to play in. Of course being such a nice afternoon there were other families there playing too and lots of dogs being walked by their owners. The monkeys are very weary of dogs and we had to keep reassuring them that they were all on leads. The monkeys had great fun on the roundabout at the park.
Obviously daddy joined in the fun too! Despite leaving to come home a little tired and rough, I'm so glad we went. It was just lovely to make the most of the unseasonal mildness and get outside. The monkeys slept a little in the car on the way home. I didn't think we had worn them out quite that much! I think our afternoon out did us all good.
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