People Are Noticing

Well this week has been fab. I have a great new 'weight loss' aid and I'm loving it! My Fitbit ChargeHR arrived on Monday and I'm hooked. I've downloaded the app onto my phone, also the My Fitness Pal app and the two togther are in my opinion awesome. 
I'm now able to keep track of the calories I'm taking in and that I'm burning and having the step tracker on the fitbit is definitely making me walk more! 
In today's weekly weigh in I've lost another 1.1kg (2.3lbs). Until last night when I did two back to back classes, I hadn't actually been to the gym for ten days due to the monkeys being ill, then me and of course half term. It felt good to get back!
The other great thing is that people who've I've not seen in a while are noticing I've lost weight. One colleague at work looked twice and then said "You've lost weight haven't you!" It's always nice when people see your efforts are paying off! 
In the meantime I'm going to continue to play with my new toy and will pop back next week to give you all an update!

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