Perils of Parenting!

Well what a week! It started with little monkey deciding to make a duck pond in his room! Yes, you heard right, a duck pond. Using his tooth brush cup and under the watchful eye of his big brother, he filled the draw of his train table with a fair amount of H2O! Then some more on the table top and for good measure his carpet. 
You may wonder where we were? Trying to grab a few more minutes extra sleep before starting the day! He and his brother were meant to be playing quietly in one of their bedrooms! Luckily after much mopping and soaking up with towels, everything has been salvaged and it did not seep through to the Kitchen light.
That night said mischievious monkey was sick. Just the once around 11pm and luckily he just made it into the bathroom.
Upon waking on Tuesday he seemed his usual self so the day started as normal. It did not however stay that way.
We went to a coffee morning where we often like to go to and he just wasn't feeling it, even asking to go home. Poor little monkey spent the rest of the day ill on the sofa. Then at teatime when he'd perked up a little he had a random nose bleed. Cue lots of hysteria and tears when he saw the blood. 
Luckily it stopped after a good while and all was OK with both monkeys until the following day. Little monkey was rough again so I asked a good friend if she could take big monkey to school. So, another day was spent under a blanket on the sofa and a trip to the doctors confirmed little monkey had an ear infection. 
Wednesday night was pretty awful with little monkey being sick three or four times, but the poor thing had nothing left in him, as he had barely eaten all week. So another call to my friend was put in to take big monkey to school again.
Little monkey spent a large chunk of Thursday asleep on the sofa which seemed to help him get better, as by teatime he was more his usual self and a great nights sleep followed. 
With this in mind, seeming better I sent him to Preschool today. Everything seemed fine with both monkeys, so I left little monkey having asked the Preschool to ring if there were any problems.
Well, I never expected them to ring whilst in the middle of having my hair done. Head full of bleach and cape on, my mobile rings, and it's them. Little monkey had barely touched his lunch, was not himself at that point and was crying to go home. Quickly I said yes of course I would pick him up but that I'd need 10 minutes or so, as my hair needed rinsing off! He was indeed quiet and not himself when I got there, so I settled him on the sofa once back home in front of his favourite TV show. 
A call to my friend who is also my hairdresser, and she was around to finsish my hair. This time just as she had finished putting a 2nd colour through my hair the landline rings. We don't answer it as a rule, as people either leave a message or call the mobile. I joked with my friend that it was probably big monkeys school! Would you believe it, it was! Now I know he had been ill but he'd been back at school since Tuesday. They rang to say he had had an accident at lunch time and grazed his face. He had told them he'd lost a baby tooth too so could I go and just take a look at him? 
Of course I could and yes I would but I had a head of Ultra Violet hair dye on plus a lowlights cap! Thankfully my friend who was doing my hair, who knows him very well offered to go. Her own 7yr old, one of his friends is also at the school. They said that would be fine. I joked as she walked out the door that it would be sods law the postman knocked whilst she was out! And there you go, he did. How embarrassing to open the door to him with my hair covered in dye!
Big monkey came home with my friend looking a sorry state. He had grazed his chin, his cheek, his knee, cut his lip and knocked a tooth out! He had run into a wall in the playground! Of course he was upset and very sore. He'd cried as soon as my friend saw him and of course she didn't feel she could leave him at school. I would have done exactly the same as her and bought him home.
Finally after settling him (quite difficult as he wanted daddy) and keeping an eye on little monkey, who was now as right as rain I did get my hair finished. 
That's not the end of our eventful week, for little monkey has had yet another nose bleed this evening. He is very unsettled tonight.
The perils of having kids hey! They sure do keep you on your toes. I'm hoping half term is less eventful for us all, (or, if there are to be events, they are happy ones!) and the head cold I now have soon goes! My friend has been a real superstar this week and I could not have managed without her!

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