Project 365 Week 8

It's been a good week. Half term for us, so we've tried to do a few things and relax at home too. Not an easy task with two very lively monkeys! Everyone is better now and big monkeys face is healing really nicely.
Day 46. I'm loving my Valentines flowers which are still looking great.
Day 47. My Fitbit arrived and I'm hooked on it.
Day 48. What a glorious day. I love the sun and water and had to stop to take this photo.
Day 49. Friends from My Buggy Junction came over for the day and we went to the park!
Day 50. Very wet outside big monkey had a friend over, so they sorted their match attax cards.
Day 51. I asked the monkeys to smile for the camera as they were sitting so nicely together. Cue silly faces! 
Day 52. The monkeys and I got out this morning. Although very cold on the estuary it was lovely! 

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