The Results Are In!

Well I did it. 9 whole days of detox and it really was much easier than I expected. The hardest thing was drinking the Aloe Vera gel, but even that was OK by the end. I'm not going to rush to drink it again though. 
The photo of me on 13th Noveember 14, that pushed me to do this
I didn't miss drinking tea or coffee or feel hard done by at all to be honest. Drinking lots of water and eating only 600 calories a day from day 3 really did make me feel great. I've been told I was looking good on the detox and that my skin was glowing. The results really do make the whole programme worth doing!
The Results
In the 9 days detoxing I've lost 3.1kgs (6.843lbs) in weight. Taking my total weight loss since the middle of November to 22lb. My thighs are 9.5cm smaller, my waist is 6cm smaller. I've lost 5cm from my hips and 3cm off my chest.
Taken during the Clean 9 detox
Now I need to continue to eat very sensibly, continue to exercise and to work on getting to my goal of another 28lbs off.
I'm feeling great and very postive.
Taken by little monkey today, looking and feeling so much better

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