Last Minute Homemade Valentines Card Idea's

I recently guest posted on the blog for Julie Slater and Son about simple Valentines card idea's to make with your children. With just a day to go, perhaps they want to make one for Mummy or Daddy?

You will need
White card, glue, buttons, felt shapes or anything else you want to use to decorate your cards.
I used
White card, glue, assorted pink/purple buttons and multicouloured felt shapes.
How to make your very simple cards.
Take a sheet of card and fold it in half, then using the clue, decorate your card as you wish. Let it dry and then write a valentines message inside.
How Long do they take to make?
Mine took less than 10 minutes per card and cost £5 for all of the above materials.

I love how sinple these are and of course you'll have materials left to use for other cards and craft projects, unless you or your little ones have lots of Valentines cards to give!

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