Week 6 Project365 Round Up

Day 32. Little monkeys amazing birthday cake I had made by a friend for his party.
Day 33. My Mum bought me these daffs when she popped to the shops! Love her.
Day 34. Big monkey and I walked to school in the small dusting of snow we'd had overnight.
Day 35. Little monkey on the bus playing with one of his birthday toys.
Day 36. Cloudy sky, we had snow, sun, hail and wind!
Day 37. A selfie of my slimmer self! Still a away to go but I'm chuffed!
Day 38. A cold winters day at football this morning! Wet too!

This week has been great with little monkeys party, my parents stayed the weekend and we've slowly got back to normal after all the excitement. Fortunately the snow has largely stayed away and we even had a fairly mild day Thursday! Maybe Spring isn't so far around the corner! Linking up with TheBoyandMe as usual.
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