Diet & Weight Loss Update

Well thirteen weeks in and I'm still exercising at least three times a week and eating healthily. This past week has seen me lose another 2.4lbs bringing my total loss to date to around 24.4lbs (11.06kgs). I'm 4lb off of losing 2st.
I'm really pleased with my progress and having people notice the change in how I look and complimenting me is a real confidence booster. It also keeps me motivated to keep going. I'd like to lose at least another 28lbs, which right now seems a pretty huge goal, but I will keep chipping away.
I feel my eating habits and tastes have completely changed. No longer do I eat loads of pasta. I don't eat bread and 99% of the time no chocolate! Maybe just the odd tiny treat every now and again. I've not had crisps since before Christmas.
Since doing the Clean 9 I've found I prefer not to have milk in my diet which I was only having in porridge or ceral anyway. My sugar intake is greatly reduced. 
I'm loving eating much healthier meals and where possible I'm trying to eat only fresh produce and little or no processed food. The benifits are definitely showing and I feel so much better. One of the biggest changes is my water intake. Apart from the odd orange juice or cup of tea with half a sugar or no sugar in I only drink water. I was drinking at least 3 cups of tea or coffee a day, fruit juice and full fat coke! Not every day but more than I should have! On the rare occaision that I drink alcohol I now have a rose spritzer.
Here are just some of the healthier meals I've been enjoying recently.
From left, top to bottom
1. Fishcake with savoury rice and wild rocket.
2. Open ham, spring onion and cheese omelette.
3. Tuna, chicken, ham and sweetcorn salad on wild rocket.
4. Superfood chicken and pasta with curly kale and pesto.
5. Hamhock and garden pea risotto.

All very delicious and tasty meals that I will be having again. Wish me luck with the other 28lbs!

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