What's in Your Bathroom Cabinet?

This is a collaborative post

Bathrooms come in all different shapes and sizes, ours being functional but quite small. If we had the room our bathroom suite would consist of a separate shower cubicle, free standing bath, a toilet of course and a sink. We would also have a large mirrored bathroom cabinet with light similar to this one at Bella Bathrooms
I like to keep all the bathroom nik naks and paraphenalia tidied away and out of reach from inquisitive minds and little hands. 
We currently have quite a large tiled shelf, upon which sits a wooden unit with draws in which we use for all our toiletries. I think our main reason being we did not want to drill into the brand new tiles that were fitted when our bathroom was re-fitted eight years ago. I'd always considered it just a temporary measure but eight years later, we've still not got around to replacing it.
As with bathrooms, of course the bathroom cabinets come in all different shapes and sizes. They serve to store things away but also finish a bathroom and of course if mirrored, often make the room look bigger and lighter. Ours could certainly do with being helped to look bigger. With limited space one like this would probably suit us. Being a corner cabinet it would take up less room and is a little different too.
I really like the idea of a free standing wooden cabinet, and the tall narrow ones would look great in a bathroom where space is at a premium. I love this one below but I'm not even sure there would be room for that one in our current bathroom. Maybe one day we'll get our ideal suite and accessories in a bigger bathroom.
If medicines are to be stored, then a lockable cabinet would be best. However we store our medicines out of reach from the monkeys in the kitchen. I do think a lockable cabinet is useful though and like this one. It looks a bit more traditional.
In truth, I think they all do the job they are meant to and as long as they hold what you want to store, I believe there is one out there to suit any taste and of course any budget. 
I personally like them to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye but in turn be practical for our needs.

What do you keep in your bathroom cabinet? Do you even have one in your bathroom or some thing else like us? Would you have a back lit mirrored one, lockable one or something different?!

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