Yay or Nay to Valentines Day!

This is a collabrative post.
With only three days to go I think it's safe to say that since I've been in a happy settled relationship (with my husband), that I do actually quite like Valentines Day. Hubby usually treats me to a nice card, and something special. We tend to make the night about us, with a nice meal and a good film. Nothing out of the ordinary but nice anyway and a show of our appreciation for one and other. We usually joke that we won't bother and it's all a bit commercial but he knows I like to do something.
It's not always been this way though I'm afraid! TheCircle have asked people to name and shame their best and worst Valentines experience! One in particular sticks in my mind.
My best would definitely be the nine Valentines Day's I've spent with hubby and the monkeys. Not one specific one but all nine of them! There have been flowers, teddy's, chocolates, cards, meals out, meals in and lots of love. 
Sadly when much younger, single and niave and less happy than I am now, I once got a Valentines Day card. It was big news at work and despite not liking Valentines Day at the time, I have to say I was intrigued and excited. I remember talking about who may have sent it and feeling giddy, wondering who my secret admirer was........There was no one! It was a colleuges husband who did it as a joke!!! My euphoria came crashing down.
I know which place I'd rather be in these days and it's not back to being single on February 14th. What's been your best and worst Valentines Day?
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