A Wonderful Mother's Day

I've always felt very privileged to to have what I do and get what I get from the monkeys and Mr Monkey. They treat me very well, especaially on Special occasions. Mother's Day being one of those.
This year has been no different. I was thrilled and delighted when the monkeys bounded in with cards and poems they had made at school. OK so at 05.20 it wasn't the most of ideal times, but they were excited! They also presented me with a new phone cover, which little monkey loved as it has red London busues on. After snuggles in bed the monkeys and Daddy got up leaving me to doze, a gift in itself! 
Soon little footsteps were heard and the monkeys re-appeared with flowers and breakfast in bed for me. They'd helped Daddy to prepare me fresh fruit salad and a pain au chocolate! Yummy! 
I was able to pop to the gym for my usual Sunday morning Spinning class before given time to get showered and dressed ready for another treat.
They took me out to brunch at a secret location where I had a delicious bite to eat. Followed by a short stint feeding the ducks with the monkeys before returning home. We spent the afternoon getting our craft on for Easter and generally pottering! It's been so lovely!
I'm a very lucky Mummy with a thoughtful husband and monkeys who love to treat me. Thanks guys, you made my day.

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