February Degustabox

It's that time of month again, no not THAT time! Degustabox time!
Shall we see what's in the box! A rather yummy selection I think you'd agree.
What a great selection of goodies and my type of treats too! Shame I'm eating healthily! Guess the monkeys and hubby are in for a treat then.
These chocolate brownie bites from the American Muffin Company are gluten and wheat free. Very delicious and only £2.50 for a box of six. They did not last long here.
The Melba Thins are an ideal snack for early morning feasting or a late night supper with a favourite topping. I'm thinking peanut butter! They are £1.39 a box.
Using 100% natural ingredients this Laimon Fresh lightly sparkling lemon, lime and mint soft drink tastes very refreshing. Very minty but nice. It's £1.99 a bottle.
I've yet to try this Peanut Hottie but will be having a little taste that's for sure! The worlds first peanut butter flavoured hot drink. I can't wait. £3.00 a tub.
Lily O'Brien's cocoa cookie crunch. A new range of luxury snacking pouches for chocolate lovers. Hubby has tucked into these already! Priced at £2.00 a pouch.
These Beet It sport pro-elite bars are the worlds number 1 natural nitrate brand. An aquired taste! They are £1.85.
Luckily none of us have a nut intolerance as this Whole Earth three nut butter sounds and looks delicious! No added sugar and made with the finest natural ingredients. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It's £3.00 a tub.
We love the Schwarts flavour shots and are looking forward to tying these two new flavours. There are eight different ones to choose from in total. They are £1.40 each available from most supermarkets.
This Jack Links beef snack is one for the Mr. The best quality beef is used in this on the go snack. Priced at £1.39 a bar.

A delightful mix of foods this month and as always exciting to open the box when it arrives to see what's inside. If you subscribe you can get £3 off the usual fee when you register. Just use this code 8X10A.

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