Four Months In

Just a small loss this week. Only 1lb, but it's better than nothing right? I'm just 1st 1lb off target though so happy things are still moving in the right direction, and only 8lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight with both monkeys. 
I'm still going to classes at the gym each week and tomorrow I have a trial Pole Fitness class to attend with other woman from the gym! I've had to buy shorts as you need bare skin to grip the pole....ooh err Mrs! I'm actually looking forward to it and don't currently have any issues with being dressed in shorts and a vest top in front of others! I suppose that's what happens to your self esteem when you feel good about yourself? Four months ago I would have been mortified and would never in my wildest dreams even considered it. 
So, I shall report back about the class next time I post an update. The best news this week is that I picked up a bargain jacket and it fits. It's a size 10! To say I was beaming is an understatement. 

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