Guess Who & Olaf's Frustration Game - Review

With Easter coming up I'm keen to think about gifts we can get for the monkeys that don't involve copious amounts of chocolate! They'll get more than enough of that from Grandparents, aunts and uncles. In the past we've tended to buy them a new top each and perhaps a DVD or colouring book. 
Recently they have both shown a keen interest in playing games we can all enjoy playing together. So I was pleased to be able to review two games from the House of Fraser games and puzzles selection online.
We've been reviewing Guess Who and Olaf's Frustration Game.
Guess Who is a game I remember from my own childhood. Big monkey was particularly pleased to be reviewing this as he had played before. Aimed at age 6+ he is the perfect age for this. The boards were resonably quick and easy to assemble from the box. 2 players have to guess who their opponents chosen charcter is by asking questions to elimate the characters across the board, before having a stab at guessing who! Little monkey has been keen to play but of course at only just 4yrs of age he doesn't quite understand the concept of the game. We usually play with him against one other, so that he doesn't feel left out. An iconic game and family favourite.

Olaf's Frustation Game was met with excitment when the monkeys realised that they had recently enjoyed playing a game of Frustration at a family friends recently. Very quick and easy to set up, play quickly got underway! With 2-4 players aimed at 5+, this one sees players racing to save Olaf by popping the 'snowy' bubble to 'roll' the dice and race around the board home. Obvioulsy there are frustrating parts to the game (hence the name), for example when your opponent knocks you out! Another great game for all the family to enjoy and one little monkey can join in more easily with. Sadly he likes to win each time though and gets upset if he doesn't! 

Both great alternatives to Easter eggs and ideal for spending quality family time together and learning all about game playing and taking turns.

Thanks to House Of Fraser we were sent these games for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
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