It fits!

Well what a week it's been! I tried pole dancing and loved it, and I've lost another 3lb. I'm delighted to report I've now lost a total of 37lb.
Last night I tried the swimming costume on that I recently bought to wear tonight and was pleased to see it fits and feels comfy.
I've always tended to steer clear of any swim wear and if I've absolutely needed to wear a cosie I've always gone for plain black, so this new suit is a welcome change! 
Going back to the Pole fitness class, all I can say is WOW! You sure do get a work out. Come the weekend I could barely move my arms. It was a taster seesion to see if I would like it and now I'm looking to do an eight week course - it was that much fun.
With the Easter holidays fast approching hitting the gym will be that march harder but infact I'm dressed ready to go today. 
I will fit my classes around the monkeys and hubby for the next few weeks as I've still got some pounds to go before I hit the weight I want to be.
That's it for now, but do keep reading and following my journey!

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