Project 365 - Week 11

Day 67. This daffodil in the garden brightened my day with 3 out of four of us being ill.
Day 68. Lovely sunny day watched from inside still poorly.
Day 69. After a morning with friends, little monkey sat quietly looking through books.
Day 70. A trip to the park after a bus ride into town and a pit stop at M&S cafe.
Day 71. Wating in the sunshine for my friend to pick me up for a trip into town.
Day 72. I picked these daffs up whilst shopping today. I can't wait until they open.
Day 73. All dressed up and ready for his friends joint birthday party. A happy chappy!

What a wonderfully Spring like week it's been. The sun has shone every day. Sadly it felt wasted here Sunday and Monday as we were indoors poorly. Luckily by Tuesday everyone was pretty much back to normal. We've tried to get outside as much as possible this week. Well you never know when it's going to change do you!
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