Saving for the Future With Nutmeg

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I'm not sure about you but our monkeys have more savings than us! We try to save (as you do!) but then something comes along and the money we've put aside gets used. It's frustraing but sadly all part of life! 
My current ISA has a big fat zero in it. This is something I often think about and would love to change very soon. The monkeys both have savings accounts that can't be touched until they reach 18, and I had one too as a child, but it's easier to put something aside for their future don't you think! 
I was recently introduced to Nutmeg, a simple way to manage savings online. It can help people make the most of their savings in a way traditional ISAs don't necessarily.
Why Nutmeg? "Based on your information, we build and manage a portfolio for you, diversifying your investments to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Our experienced investment team monitors your portfolio, adjusting the asset allocation appropriately and rebalancing every month — at no extra cost." 
Basically online you tell Nutmeg what you are after in terms of investment, they build you a portfolio and you get peace of mind for a samall fee. Sounds resonable, right? 
Personally this is something we would look into when the time is right. Why not take a look yourself? For now though, I'm off to count my pennies! 
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 Do you manage to save? Have your children got savings? 

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