Week 12 #Project365 Round Up

Day 74. Mother's Day and I was thoroughly spoiled! We had a lovely day, with brunch out too.
Day75. Happy Birthday to hubby! He and I had some child free time to drink coffee, shop and relax! 
Day 76. A wet and gloomy day so I took this to brighten it up.
Day 77. My cheeky little monkey will not smile to order for the camera. 
Day 78. Little monkey decided he was most comfy sitting like this right in front of the TV!
Day 79. No eclipse for us sadly as there was complete cloud cover until the afternoon (typically), so I took this photo to cheer me up. 
Day 80. Freezing cold whilst watching big monkey play football this morning but at least there was a park right there to keep this little monkey busy! 

It's been a great week all round what with Mother's Day, Hubbies Birthday, me hitting the 2st 7lb weight loss mark and hitting the top 100 of the Tots100 chart! Oh and I tried Pole Fitness last night, which was great. Big monkeys team also won their matches today. Let's hope next week is a good one too! As usual we are linking up with TheBoyandMe.

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