What luxury's could you live without?

This is a collabarotive post
Legal and General have asked a very important question which I think not a lot of us gives much thought to! "How long could you survive financially before you or your loved ones could be on the breadline?" It's a good question! I really do not know the answer to it to be honest. Would you? Their deadline to breadline campaign uses a great online calculator that will help you calculate just how close to the breadline you are (or could be should something dreadful happen to you or a loved one), so you can then consider improving your financial security from just £6 a month - that's the equivalent of just 20 pence a day. It's not a lot is it?
If you had to tighten the purse strings, just what could you live without? This is another very good question and one that got me thinking! I know what I could not live without! My phone would be top of the list (apart from the monkeys and hubby of course!).
If I absolutely had to live without anything, I could manage without Sky TV, and watch freeview instead. That would make us quite a saving. We also have a Tassimo coffee machine which we could do without! The pods are a good £4-5 per box. Finally I think we could do without hubbies watch collection! He has far too many, and lets face it, how many wrists does one have to wear them on!
There are other things we could do without but would we really want to! Our 2nd car would have to go.
The message here of course, is make sure you are covered should anything happen. Get that life cover and insurance sorted and don't leave things to chance! You never know when you could be left on the breadline and lets face it, no one wants that do they.
Take the test now and see for yourself just how close to the breadline you could be.

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