A Day Out With Thomas

When I was expecting little monkey we took big monkey to A Day Out With Thomas. He loved it and so did we. It's been on my mind to take little monkey for a while as like his big brother did, he loves Thomas the tank engine! For the four of us it's over £40 for the day. Whilst part of me thinks that's actually not that bad, we just couldn't justify spending the money but I felt we owed little monkey a great day out. Most weeks he has to watch big monkey play football and most weeks he doesn't really want to!

So today, we went to the East Anglia Railway Museum in Wakes Colne for a Day Out With Thomas. 
We had received the tickets in the post so when we arrived there was no queuing. We went straight up to the platform and got the monkeys a Thomas sticker each plus an itinery. The staff (all voluteers) were really friendly and very helpful. The train rides started a short while after we arived there.
We rode on Thomas, Henrietta, Daisy and Percy and the Troublsome Trucks. Each ride was fairly short and only went up and back down the track but the children and monkeys didn't seem to mind. All train rides were unlimted. Both monkeys loved Thomas and Percy best! 
Once they were all trained out we watched a Punch and Judy show, had lunch, and got them an ice cream. There was a Thomas store where we let both monkeys buy a little something and also a few Thomas enactments throughout the day! During one of those both monkeys helped to refill Thomas' water tank. We were there for about 4.5hrs which was enough really. A lot of people had left before then. 

A throughly enjoyable day out and one that little monkey at least will remember and talk about for a while to come yet.
We would definitely recommend A Day Out With Thomas to any Thomas fans.

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