Afternoon tea With My Mum

I'm not sure about your Mum but mine deserved a treat! She and my Dad do a lot for us despite not living nearby and I know they would drop everything if they had to, to help us. So on Mother's Day when I could only chat to my Mum on the phone I decided that next time I saw her I would treat her to afternoon tea. We were sat having brunch with the monkeys and my Mother in law and I wanted to do something just for my Mum.
Fast forward a few weeks to last Saturday. Mum and I left the monkeys with Daddy, who took them to the park and we set off for Mulberry House, a hotel and wedding venue in Essex that promised a traditional afternoon tea. Somewhere neither of us had ever been before and somewhere very nice indeed. Lovely gardens, lake, old buildings, traditonal service and just very very pleasant.
We each had the same, sat in the window of the dinning room, looking out over children playing from a wedding party. Sun shinning on the lake and a child free calm atmosphere inside the very quiet room. Only one other couple were in there. 
The waitress was welcoming and all staff friendly, the food delicious but most of all it was so nice to just be Mum and I, chatting over finger sandwiches and cake! We could have both stayed a lot longer than the few hours we did.
I love a good English tradtional afternoon tea and would definitely go back to the same venue. Maybe we should make it a yearly treat! Or better still half yearly treat! Not good for the diet but so good for the soul.

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