Another Week Is Done!

Another week, another 2lb 10oz lost. I've only got 2lbs left to shift before reaching my original weight loss goal of 3st 7lbs. Yay!

A typical day for me food wise looks like this:
300ml protein shake made with water. 

Mid Morning snack
A piece of fruit or a healthy 'crisp' type snack with a max of 120 cals.

Usually a small salad.

Mid afternoon snack
Same as morning snack (fruit or healthy 'crisps').

A steam fresh healthy meal containing no more than 480 cals. Chicken with rice and veg, Stir Fry, Thai red curry and so on.

I drink water throughout the day and the odd tea or coffee but not every day and only ever 1 cup a day.

Of course I allow myself a treat and have even been out on meals. I just chose more wisely off the menu.

I was delighted to be wearing size 10 clothes to meet friends the other day.

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