Easter Fun At Jimmy's Farm

With Daddy working and the sun shining I decided to take the monkeys out for the day Wednesday. They love the zoo or local farms but sadly they don't come cheap. We've been to Jimmy's Fam in Suffolk before and all loved it. Being very resaonable to get in and a great day out I decided on there. It's a good 45 minute drive from us but so worth it. The monkeys cheered when I told them where we were off to and Daddy was envious!
The carpark was pretty full an hour after opening but you really didn't feel like it was that busy, there's so much ground to cover. Sadly the butterfly enclosure was closed (too early in the season I assume) and because of high winds the woods were closed which meant no den building but neither spoiled the day. In fact I think the day was made perfect by the lambs, the fishing both monkeys tried and their new furry friends the guinea pigs. So much so, we had to pet them three individual times! Little monkey kept asking when we could take the guinea pigs home. They've been asking us to get some since our visit. 
Sadly due to bad timing on my part and the monkeys fisining we didn't get to feed the lambs. I so wanted to. We did however sample Jimmy's hot dogs and have some banter with his geese who were rather noisy each time anyone walked past. They were great though and obviously asking for food! I was delighted to see a peacock and capture his open feathers. Stunning!
I was so proud of both monkeys giving the fishing a go. The man helping was so patient with all the children and helped them until each one got a catch. Both monkeys listened intently, did not go anywhere near the water and both looked so pleased with themselves. It was such a shame Daddy couldn't be there to watch them. Despite being very windy and therefore cold we had a great day. An added bonus for little monkey, one of the farm's play area's is close to the railway line so he saw lots of trains too. Those little lambs pictured has escaped from their parents who were bleating at them to go back. So cute.
We'll definitely be going back again when it's warmer and I think we'll even take the monkeys to the sausage and and beer festival which will be super for the kiddies too! Lots for the whole family to do.
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