Easy Does It!

Well another week has passed and I weighed in this morning. I've lost 2.6lbs this week, so now only have 4.3lbs to lose before hitting my original 3 and a half stone target. When possible I'm trying to up the exercise game as now of course things do tend to slow down.
Another photo of me from a year ago compared to now

The other day I measured myself again. Below are the findings with a comparison from the last time I measured myself less than three weeks ago.

Here's the findings from January 22nd to April 3rd:
I've lost off my
Chest (fullest part) -13.5cms   
Bicepts -3cms  
Waist -15cms
Hips -16cms  
Thighs - 15cms  
Calves - 5cms
So far that's a grand total of 67.5cms (26.5 icnhes).

Now (April 19th) 

I've lost off my
Chest (fullest part) -18cms   
Bicepts -5cms  
Waist -17cms
 Hips -16cms  
Thighs - 17cms  
Calves - 5cms

A total of 78cms (30.5 inches) since January 22nd.

I'm still really pleased with my progress and am now adding to my new clothes collection when I can. See you next week!


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