He Did It!

I'm so so proud of little monkey right now I could busrt. For almost two years I have been trying to persuade him to wear pants. We tried toilet trainning him the summer after he turned two and he just was not ready. Instead he wore pull ups and that he what he has worn since. I tried again the following summer expecting him to 'get it' straight away and still he refused the pants. We did do better than the previous year and I knew he was then ready but he literally freaked when we went near him with pants. I've no idea why and will never know! 
Trying a different tact we tried to let him think it was his idea and just recently he was showing signs of giving in and wearing pants. Obviously with him starting school this September I was desparate to get him into them. 
Last Wednesday without much warning at all he agreed with Daddy to wear pants and during the days since he has continued to do so. I'm utterly delighted. It's early days but he is doing so well. No freaking out now. He uses the toilet or potty (mainly for quickness and ease). He won't yet poo without a pull up on but I'm not complaining. His big brother was the same! Each day is better and better regarding accidents. Yes I know he is four, but you know what, they will only do these things when they are ready. I know that now.  I'm just thrilled he won't be going to school in pull ups! Keep at it Son, we are all so so proud of you.

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