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Fairly recently I came across FoodByHelen, gluten and wheat free foods that are 

"convenient and delicious whole foods. To support health and metabolism was the key challenge which led Helen, as a nutritionist, food scientist and busy working mum, to develop her own range of nutrient dense, wheat free and gluten free natural foods".

As far as I'm aware none of us have any food intolerances but eating healthily since last November I have been avoiding bread and pasta which as many of you know does bloat the stomach.
We were sent some samples from Helen's food range to try.
The Linseed Crunch with cranberry and almond is delicious on cereal. Giving you the added flavours and goodness of the linseeds, cranberries and almonds. All nutritional information is on each packet.
The bread was delicious, especially fresh from the oven and so easy to make. I've not actaully made bread of any kind since being at school.
Hubby was delighted when I made him an apple crumble with this fab crumble mix. I even had a little taste myself. So easy to make too.
Another version of the seeds for cereal. Chia seeds are big news at the moment! A tasty addition to your breakfast cereal.
Having cheated and bought tinned apples to prepare the fruit ready for the crumble mix I set to making the crumble. Easy to follow instructions on the packet and cooking times made for a delious desert. I could taste a difference to 'traditional' crumble but it was barely noticable. Perhaps just a little 'powdery'. None the less it went down a treat warmed with hot custard.
The bread was so easy to make. Just add oil to water, add the mix. Stir and leave to 'prove' in a bread tin in warm water. When doubled in size pop in the oven and hey presto! Lovely eaten warm from the oven. After that I could taste a differnce to 'normal' bread but it was very slight. Much like home cooked bread does taste differnet to sliced shop bought bread! 

All of the above mixes and seeds are very inexpensive and ideal for those who follow a gluten and wheat free diet. I would definitely recommend Food by Helen to those looking for a healthier option or those needing to exclude gluten and wheat.

We were sent these food packets for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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