March Degustabox

As soon as I opened our March Degustabox I was excited! I mean how can you not be?! Then I remembered I'm meant to be eating healthily! A little of what you fancy is good though. Right! 
A snap shot of what's in the box
14 food items in all. A bumper box full of sweet treats and goodies.
Priced at £3.69 a bag, Jordans Granola is lighter with 30% less fat. Hubby has been enjoying this Strawberry and Blueberry pack.
This Natvia is a 100% naturally sourced alternative to artificial sweetners and sugar. It has zero calories per serving and is not genetically modified. Ideal as an alternative to sugar for me right now. It costs £2 per pouch.
These Crabbies Fruits are a delicious new range of fruit flavoured alcoholic drinks that come in three flavours. At just £1.50 a bottle I'm sure they won't last long in this house.
Moving onto more drinks these JuiceBurst come in 14 different flavours! There are even 3 skinny drinks (which I must get my hands on!) A great drink and only £1.25 a bottle.
Original Bavarian barbecue sauce by BBQUE now available in four flavours. A pretty large bottle costing £3.99.
Whoops, I may have eaten most of these yummy Bassetts Jelly Babies Berry Mix sweets. Made with natural colours and fruit juice. These are £1.48 a packet.
Eek, these are a little moorish too! Sour Patch kids. First they are sour then they are sweet! Best save a few for the monkeys! Just £1.00 a packet.
I've been eating these Brioche Pasquier baked bread bites on salads. Under 90 cals a bag and made with real french bread. Just 50p a packet.
Kent's Kitchen pot noodles are ideal for lunch on the go! Made with all natural ingredients, they are low in fat and low in calories too. Just add water! £1.75 a tub.
Lindt Lindor assorted mini eggs went down a treat with the monkeys who had a packet each in the Easter parcels. Made with milk, white and dark chocolate there was something to suit any taste. £2 a bag.

Another delightful box. I can't wait to see what's in Aprils! As usual new subscribers can get £3 off the usual cost when registering. Use the code P9609


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