My Weekly Weigh In!

Another week since the last weigh in and I expected to either not lose or even have a gained a little this week! I drank and ate nibbles at a friends pamper evening last week, took my Mum for afternoon tea on Saturday AND went out for a meal with friends Saturday night. Of course drink was involved there too! Then on Sunday my parents cooked a roast. Now don't get me wrong I didn't go mad at all but of course indulged a bit more than I have been. 
So I'm thrilled to have lost 1lb 14oz. Not a lot I know but given what I've written above I'm more than happy! 
I've had a re-measure today too and am so chuffed with my results. 
Here's the findings from January 22nd to today: 

I've lost off my
Chest (fullest part) -13.5cms 
Bicepts -3cms
Waist -15cms
Hips -16cms
Thighs - 15cms
Calves - 5cms

So far that's a grand total of 67.5cms (26.5 icnhes). I am loving the new me. See you this time next week! 

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