One more Makes Four

As you know after months of excitement, The Duchess of Cambridge is finally going to give birth to Royal Baby number two very soon.

In anticipation JOHNSON’S® has commissioned research to find out UK parents top tips in helping the Duke and Duchess settle into life as a foursome.

According to research of UK parents, the top five tactics their parents used to help them adjust to having a baby brother or sister were

1) Play together (27%)

2) Hold the new baby (26%)

3) Help with feeding (20%)

4) Help dress the new baby (17%)

5) Help with bathing (15%)

The research also found, that ‘ordinary’ family moments can provide the best opportunity for siblings to form a special bond. Of those with older siblings:

· A quarter in the UK (24%) shared a bath with their siblings when they were young.

· Older siblings helped teach their baby brother or sister the importance of sharing (26%), how to ride a bike (23%) and how to make friends (13%) 

· Over a third (35%) of UK children shared a room with their siblings.

Child Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin, said: “First born children settle into a routine when they’re the only child. They get used to being the centre of their parent’s attention, and adjusting to having a new baby brother or sister can be overwhelming, even for a well natured Prince like George. It’s important that any parent, Duchess or not, finds ways to help their first born adapt and get involved. By giving them roles like picking out clothes for their baby brother or sister, helping give the new baby special cuddles, or bathing together when they’re a bit older, are all amazing ways to create a lasting sibling bond.” 

Everyday activities such as bath time are a special part of the day for parents and siblings alike to share time together, play and bond through multisensory interaction. But it’s not just an opportunity for parents and siblings to bond.
Sensory stimulation during everyday rituals such as bath time can be critical to a baby’s happy, healthy development.

The JOHNSON'S® Bath Time Report however, shows that only a third (37%) of parents in the UK regard bath time as extremely important to a baby’s cognitive development. Research identifies that by age three, 85% of a baby’s brain is developed, so it is very important for parents to recognise that opportunities to engage touch, sight, smell and sound, like bath time, are crucial in helping to shape their baby’s brain.

And if Kate and William are worried about going back to a life of sleepless nights before endless official engagements, a study has shown that infants who follow a bedtime routine, including a warm bath with a fragranced bath product, took 37% less time to fall asleep, and that the mothers showed a significant improvement in mood in the morning.

Before little monkey came along I was very nervous about introducing another child to big monkeys routine and life. He was 33 months old when monkey number two arrived, so had lots of 1-1 time with us. He was our world and we his. To share us with another being must have been a shock to him.
Luckily we didn't really encounter any major issues. Just a little bit of jealousy but that's to be expected.
A few years ago
Our tips for becoming a family of four would be
  1. Talk about the new babies arrival with your 1st born
  2. Include them in anti natal visits and scans if possible
  3. Take them to buy a gift for the new arrival and likewise get them a gift from the new baby
  4. Introduce them as soon as possible once the new arrival arrives
  5. Make 1-1 time with the 1st born when possible and include them in task to help with their new sibling. 

Let's hope Prince George welcomes his new sibling and they are the best of friends like my two monkeys.
Now. Still the best of friends
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