The search is on for new clothes

Now that I've lost almost 3 stone I'm now searching for new clothes. What a great excuse to buy some! Before children I was a huge shopaholic, then with kids, age and an ever growing physique I was rapidly put off buying clothes for myself! It just didn't feel the same buying clothes that I hid behind. 

Now things are different though I'm already feeling better about clothes and I can now feel some of the same excitement that I used to. I need the lot, pj's, underwear, tops, jeans, dresses, coats and warm jumpers and cardigans, hoodies. You name it.

I keep seeing things I would like but am trying not too get too much yet, not with wanting to lose a bit more weight. There's so much lovely stuff around though and I am excited about getting back into the swing of shopping like a girl should!

Of course having children means it's often so much easier to shop online instead of venturing to the shopping mall. Online shopping is now my new best friend for womens clothing! Only when I'm child free (which is rare) would I shop elsewhere! 

Being short means I have to pick and choose where I buy jeans and trousers from, but for tops, jumpers, cardi's, coats etc anything goes. I prefer cottons, denim, wool, silk and cashmere to viscose and other man made materials. Natural is best hey!

I'm loving some of the Spring/Summer 15' collection at Woolovers. The french navy womens short sleeved tunic jumper is just lovely. The colour is classic and will go with anything. Key pieces are ideal for a capsule wardrobe that can be added to or chopped and changed around. I can see in my minds eye now what I'd wear it with and which colours I would use to accessorise it. 
I best dash. There's shopping to do! 

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