Then and Now!

Looking at timehop on my phone the other day I came across a photo from last April of me at the O2 arena. I was there to see Gary Barlow and it struck me just how different I now look! So much so, whilst hubby took a snap, I posed in a similar stance to show the difference now. 
I can obviously see the change but less so than others! Of course I didn't even start to do anything about my ever increasing weight until November. I was even bigger then than a year ago! I'm so glad I made the decision to finally do something about it! Getting weighed at the gym and seeing a photo of myself in November was a real wake up call. 
I'm delighted to say I'm just off of losing 3 stone now. This week I've weighed in at 1.13lbs less than last week. I was going to stop when I'd lost 3.5 stone but I'm now hoping to reach my new goal of a total loss of 4 stone (or as close to it as possible). 

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